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Dason Technology - Gas to Liquid Solutions

We are a technology firm committed to alleviating the world's pressing energy needs and growing demand for low emissions by revolutionizing the GTL (gas to liquids) industry.

News and Developments

April 2012
Dason was invited to present at the AIChE Spring Meeting on gas technologies

July 2011
Dason was awarded a patent for it's catalytical partial oxidation design by the USPTO and is in the process of obtaining international patents

May 2011
Dason was invited to present to the leaders of Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the potential for our technology for FPSO operations

Dason Technology builds and licenses plants for the conversion of natural gas to a liquid product. Our goal is to replace the existing process for large scale plants with our patented technology which is more efficient and significantly lower in CO2 emissions. In addition, thanks to Dason's design which allows for a much smaller reactor for the same output Dason will lead the way in developing flare gas and stranded gas markets.

Dason's patented technology has several key advantages including:

1. Higher efficiency
2. Longer Catalyst Lifespan
3. Smaller size
4. Lower capital costs
5. Lower emissions.

Dason Technology was incorporated in 2005. In 2007 it made a breakthrough in reactor and catalyst design and filed for patent protection. Dason has a working pilot plant with successful results and is seeking investors and partners in order to scale up to a demonstration or commercial plant